ARCHIDIS Intensive Program 2012

The Archives and Records Challenges in the Digital Information Society (ARCHIDIS) Intensive Program (IP) is administered by the North-Western European Archival Educators Network, and (at least in 2012) funded by the EU (Erasmus Intensive Learning Programmes). The IP takes place in Härnösand in Sweden. I’m one of the students attending this years’ summer school.

Storgatan in Härnösand

The ARCHIDIS IP will confront the challenges of creating, capturing, managing and preserving corporate and social memory in our digital information society. The attendees are student and faculty from several different countries and learning institutions in Europe. The students are divided into groups that will study different themes. My group theme is «The role of the archivist in appraisal». Should be interesting!

In preparation for the summer school the students will write an essay discussing the group theme and interact with other students and teachers on the digital learning platform Moodle. I’ll try to post updates from my preparations, and of course also tweet during the summer school in august!


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