Prince2 project management certification

I recently achieved a Prince2 project management certification (the foundation part). The process consisted of a three-day course with an exam at the end of the third day. I passed the exam, and had only 10 out of 70 questions wrong, which I think is fairly good. To pass, you need to have answered at least half of the questions correctly, and I was luckily well beyond that.

The Prince2 method is an adaptable framework that offers best practice guidance on project management. Prince2 stands for «PRojects IN Controlled Environments. It has its origin in the UK, but is widely recognized and extensively used in other parts of the world as well (including Norway).

My impression is that a lot of what Prince2 is made up of is common sense. It thoroughly emphasizes documentation routines, and gives you clear guidelines on how to best document what you do (which I like very much). The structure and control that it advocates is also very much to my liking. Nothing left to chance!

After theory comes practice though, and I hope I will be able to use the Prince2 method in Projects in the future. Preferably before all is forgotten!

I downloaded my score chart after the exam, and although I certainly have some areas that need work, I am satisfied with my results. You can view the score chart HERE, and my official certificate HERE.


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